Humidity Generator S 503
Our new humidity generator S-503 enables you to check humidity transmitters, or indicators. Click on the photo for more details!

Multi-purpose Relative Humidity probes
Low cost, Standard, Multipurpose, Duct-Mount...make your choice.
A comprehensive line of Relative Humidity Transmitters, if required with temperature transmitter

High Temperature Relative Humidity Probes
Up to 150 ℃ with stainless steel models; Remote models with stainless steel probes; Miniaturised Remote Stainless Steel probes. Most models are held on stock for immediate delivery.

High Temperature Relative Humidity Probes
A digital hand-held accurate relative humidity + temperature indicator. With integral or remote probe with spiral cable. Available off-the-shelf!

2-wire HART protocol
Head-mounting transmitter

•  Microprocessor-Based
•  Universal Input
•  Fully-Isolated
•  High Accuracy(0.1%)
•  Small Size
•  Optional Plug-In Readout & Head